This is an ad-hoc industry group formed to promote MSIX Technology's Package Support Framework (PSF) which is scheduled to be open-sourced in coming months. This is a vendor-independent forum to facilitate the adoption of PSF and contribute to the opensource community. 

Firstly, a disclaimer! I am creating this site as a community initiative to spread the knowledge of this technology. The contents published here are my personal views and don't reflect thoughts of my employer. 

Now let's discuss the "What.. Why.. and How" stuff!


On Windows Developer Day, Microsoft announced its new packaging format MSIX which would have many new features; one of which would be the Package Support Framework (PSF). PSF is targeted for the IT Pros to fix application compatibility issues without having to change the application's source code by applying "fix-ups". Microsoft will ship commonly used fix-ups as part of this framework; however, most of the work will be on the C++ development community to develop these "fix-ups" on top of PSF for the line of business apps. 

Although PSF is meant to help non-development community like the IT Pros; writing PSF fix-ups will involve coding. That's the irony!

WHY am I promoting it?

Having worked on one such product (at Cloudhouse Technologies) for years; I have extensive experience in fixing app compatibility issues for big organizations. Cloudhouse is also Microsoft's chosen partner in this space. As such, I work very closely with the MSIX development team and will be able to guide you in adopting this new framework (while obeying my NDA at the same time).

With this website, I intend to share my experience on how to fix legacy app compatibility issues using PSF and other 3rd party software. It's still early days as PSF is not released yet, but in future, I am planning to share "fix-ups" to help you fix tricky applications. 
This site will be open for anyone who wants to contribute by writing articles, submitting fix-ups etc. Please get in touch if you would like to be a part of it.

I'll be an active member in M6Conf.com which is founded by Tim Mangan to discuss about all aspects of MSIX (not just PSF).  

HOW will this site help developers, partners, and users?

This website is a place for the community (be it developers, partners or users) to share their knowledge on application related issues and find the right fix-ups to fix them. It would cover following topics to facilitate PSF adoption

  • Training material on MSIX's PSF with practical examples on how to develop your own PSF fix-ups
  • Latest news and announcements from Microsoft and partners
  • Blogs related to MSIX's PSF
  • Repository of free community fix-ups for different types of application compatibility issues
  • Provision to ask your query and get in touch with a team of PSF experts.
Please suggest if there is anything else you would like to see on this site. Your suggestions are most welcome!

- Priya Saxena.

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